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Wednesday, 19 January 2005

Can someone PLEASE explain to me the purpose of CHAVS!?

This is just something I will never get!

Why does it seem that for any male in their teens or twenties need to explore their "individuality" and not conforming to peer pressure by going as far as having a different design of baseball CHAV cap to there fellow CHAVITES!

For all you Chavs and waana-chavs out there, listen up!
1. In this country the national sport is Football (not Soccer as the North Americans would have it). The national sport is not Baseball. Why the stupid cap?

2. It's neither too sunny or rainy indoors, therefore it is quite ok for you to remove the damned cap indoors without the braincell being affected.

3. A bunch of you filling a knackered out Vauxhall Nova, capped up!, listening to a stereo that costs more than the car isn't a very useful expenditure of time.

4. Sticking pretend petrol cap stickers over the Nova's, putting fake spoliers, bafflers or bloody blue lights on the bottom of your car, won't make it go faster, make it appreciate in value or raise your level of self respect.

So please Chavs, baseball cap wearers everywhere, get a life, be individual and appreciate that you live in the UK not the US.

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