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Thursday, 22 April 2010

Miserable Sod Post : I

Call me Mister Picky (actually DON'T!) but when I'm on the receiving end of non verbal business communication I do expect the sender to construct it with some sense of respect for themselves and the company they represent.

I acknowledge that not everyone is brilliant at spelling, but, if you are using a computer to send an email or letter there is this wonderful feature called spellcheck!

People who say 'Yeah I'm not too good at spelling.' to justify their toilet communications can piss off. It's laziness! The computer can help with your deficiencies but you chose not to use it.

I once received a 12 page document from a quality manager that had no less than 20 spelling mistakes and one of those words was the word 'quality'!! This person was responsible for quality across the company but could not be bothered within their own work.

The naming and shaming starts here as they pop up into my mailbox!!

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