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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

iPhones, Baths and Rainwater

Back in 2008 I brought my first iPhone. I waited for the 3g as I didn't want to go back a step to GPRS/EDGE data speeds.

The phone survived a 4 foot drop onto a kitchen floor very early on. The case was damaged and after 15 months I finally lost the volume and mute buttons, resorting to using a paper clip to push what remained of the switches inside the case.

I persevered with it determined to make limp on out of contract, enjoying a reduced 1 month sim only contract until the iPhone 4 was released.

With a month to go until iPhone 4 launch day I had a night out in Brighton. I booked into a seafront hotel and got a free upgrade to a suite with a jacuzzi bath.

8 pints later I got back to the hotel room and decided to relax before bed with a bath and to read the newspaper on the iPhone. At 3am I awoke freezing cold, wet, still laying in the bath. The iPhone was laying at the bottom and was completely dead.

Luckily I had insurance and a trip to the Carphone Warehouse was needed. They confirmed the water damage in store. You could see the film of water between the glass and the screen. I was told that they can confirm most phones as water damaged and replace it immediately in store, but as it was an iPhone it had to be sent off to their main repair centre who then may pass it to Apple.

Three weeks later, the phone had been from the store, to the CPW repair centre, to Apple repair centre, each of them confirming water damage. Then Apple repair send a new handset to CPW repair centre, CPW repair centre then 'test' the new handset and finally pass it back to the store for collection.

In the meantime my insurance gave me a cover phone. It was a mid nineties Nokia which had lovely rubber buttons and you could only call, text and play snake on it. Absolute torture after having an iPhone for 18 months.

I finally had my hands on the replacement handset five days before iPhone4 launch day. I was disappointed that I had got another 3G after the guy in store told me it would most likely be a 3GS replacement, but still.

On iphone4 launch day I half decided to queue and attempt to get one. In Swindon (where I was working that week) at 8:40 am the Orange store had a queue of 4, Phones4u I think could not have any left as there was no queue, Carphone Warehouse a queue of 20 and o2 store must have been 200 minimum. My choice of network 3 were not offering it on launch day. I decided to wait a couple of weeks.

Then the 'grip of death' reports started to come out. To the point I decided to wait for longer and still enjoy the £15 a month sim only tariff I was enjoying on my old but now unlocked handset.

All was well until 2 weeks ago when I was putting up a tent in appalling rain. Knowing that iPhones do not like water very much I took it out of my soaked trouser pocket and placed it inside the tent for safety whilst I continued to put it up. However the rain continued and went straight through the inner tent before I had a chance to pull the waterproof outer over the top.

Inside there was a pool of water and floating inside it was the replacement iPhone!!! The screen was flickering and despite getting the hairdryer on it five minutes later the poor thing died. I sent it on its way with the best expletive hymn I could muster. The B, F and C words were used.

So. I write this on my new iPhone 4 on a new contract. The iPhone 3G is going through the three week process as before, but be damned if I was going to use that bloody emergency Nokia again!!

But now I know just how sensitive iPhones are to water expect me to be posting from a Blackberry next week.

PS No 'grip of death' experienced so far!!!

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