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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Citibank, Lloyds Banking Group fail!

I have a citicard credit card. At the moment Citibank have decided to dispose of this portfolio and retain egg credit cards which they purchased a while back. My card is being sold/transferred to Opus cards managed by HBOS arm of Lloyds Banking Group. The transfer happens on the 21st November.

Me, Mr X is the account holder and Mrs X used to be an additional card holder but no longer. So Imagine my surprise when Opus send Mrs X a letter containing two cards, one for her as the main account holder (she's not!) and one for me as an additional card holder (I'm not!).

So several issues here. As citi are still the card provider I ring them the see what has gone on. Not our fault contact Opus. I pointed out to them that they released information about an obsolete card holder. The Indian call centre had no escalation procedure, line management to raise my concern. I managed to get the telephone number of Citicard/Egg data protection officer but as I am an outgoing customer the cock has not replied to my voicemail.

-- update --
Citibank DPO had been trying to call me back but my phone had been the issue, not routing calls. He was very helpful but all focus is now on Opus as to why they transposed the data they received!

Opus call centre does not open until 21st November, leaving me no method to raise concerns of potential fraud, credit file misuse and data protection violations with them. I tried a different tack of contacting BoS credit card call centre but they have no information until 21st and advised me to contact Citi with regards to why HBOS had sent incorrect cards?? What the f...?

In summary, Citibank you are US cocks of the highest order with no regard for UK or EU data privacy law or any sense of customer service. The US moans about BP oil spill but wraps Britain into it. But when you send out fucking google cars harvesting private data in every country that's ok is it??

Opus/Lloyds Banking Group you are total cocks for engaging with future customers but not providing feedback channels to your communications!

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